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Companies in the banking and fintech industry use Tutela to protect their networks and achieve compliance. Learn more.
About Tutela

Maintain visibility of vulnerabilities & exposures
Tutela scans your corporate network and records a list of vulnerabilities (CVEs), giving you the ability to keep a close eye on any potential threats.

Triage results & protect your network effectively
Vulnerability scanning results in a large number of CVEs. Tutela helps you prioritise the vulnerabilities that really matter, by cross-referencing exploit databases to highlight the vulnerabilities that are highly likely to be exploited.

Achieve compliance
Vulnerability assessment scanning is a pre-requisite of many Information Security standards. Tutela makes scanning your corporate network a breeze, allowing you to focus on other important compliance requirements.

Get started in minutes
Tutela does not use any heavy weight appliances to run your network scans, but instead uses a lightweight agent that can be installed on any linux machine. This allows you to get started with scanning your network in a few minutes.

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